Price list

The price is valid from 01.01.2018

No.TreatmentPrice in Euro*
1Orthopedics consultation – 50 at patient’s home50
2Neurosurgeon consultation75
3Hips ultrasound (small children) with orthopedic consultancy50
4Ultrasound with a description- one joint30
5Baker’s cyst puncture with the use of ultrasound50
6Joint puncture20
7Intra- articular injection: knee, hip, shoulder- SYNVISC, Biolevox, other- price of the drug is not included30
8Plateled Rich Plasma therapy (PRP)- single treatment (MATRIX- 200)150
9Shock wave therapy- BTL- 1 treatment10
10Bone densitometry of femoral neck30
11Bone densitometry of lumbar spine30
12Examination of the entire skeleton- sighting study50
13Specialist consultancy in osteoporosis treatment30
14Applying the synthetic plaster- 1 bandage30
15Applying traditional plaster- 1 bandage10
16Removal of the plaster20
17Issuing a medical certificate30
18N9 and N14 forms30
20Subcutaneous injection10
21Intramuscular injection15
22Intravenous injection20
23X- ray of a motoric organ with a description made by the orthopedist30
24Digital X- ray- according to the price list
25Outpatient rehabilitation, at Krotka Street- according to the price list
26Laboratory test, at Krotka Street- according to the price list


No.Hosp. daysTreatmentprice
11Therapeutic shoulder arthroscopy2200
22-3Arthroscopic plastic surgery of shoulder joint instability3600
32Plastic surgery of instability of acromioclavicular joint2700
42-3Tennis and golfer’s elbow1600
51Olecranon bursitis1200
62-3Decompression of the ulnar nerve canal1600
72-3Clavicle fracture fixation+ price of the implant2000
82-3Humeral fracture fixation + price of the implant2500
90-1Removal of implants and metal fusions of the upper limb1500
102Plastic surgery of exostosis of the upper limb1500
113Open reduction of shoulder joint dislocation+ price of the implant2500
121Removal of the ganglion of upper limb1200



132Suturing the extensor tendon/ tendons and hand flexor1000
141The “latching” finger surgery, De Quervain’s disease, cutting the tendon attachment1300
151Carpal tunnel syndrome, Guyon’s canal syndrome1000
162Dupuytren’s contracture1300
172Fixation of the ulna and radius + price of the implant2000
182Surgeries of the pseudoarthrosis and the scaphoid3000
191Metacarpal bone fixation, fingers1800



204Cemented hip endoprosthetics ( price of theSTRYKER- ACOLADE- II implant included)12000
214Cement free hip endoprosthetics (price of the SMITH& NEPHEW implant included)12000
224Cement free endoprosthetics, short stem +price of the implant12000
234Surface endoprosthetics- resurfacing + price of the implant12000
245Rearthroplastry of hip joint+ price of the implant12000
253Primary endoprosthetics, bipolar, cement free + price of the implant 12000
263Primary endoprosthetics, bipolar, cemented + price of the implant12000
273Broken femur- stabilizing fractured bones, nail, DHS, other + price of the implant4000
282Removing the fixation of the femur2000



294Total primary knee endoprosthetics + price of the implant (about 10000 zl)12000
300-1Therapeutic knee arthroscopy1300
312Arthroscopic meniscal suturing with the use of implants2000
322Arthroscopic reconstruction of knee’s anterior cruciate ligament- Endobutton4000
332Surgical removal of prepatellar bursa, ganglion of Baker’s cyst1300
342Mosaicplasty of cartilage defects4000
352Removing the fixation of tibia2000



362Plastic correction of hallux valgus – soft tissue surgery1500
372Plastic correction of hallux valgus- osteotomy and stabilizing with a plate2500
382Plastic correction of hammertoe deformation and stiff finger2500
392Heel spur surgery1500
402Suturing the Achilles tendon1500
413Fixation of fractures in lower limb + price of the implant4000
422Plastic surgery of bone spur in lower limb1300



443Other treatment of bones and soft tissues repairing2000
451Gravitational Platelet Separation System (GPS)1500
461Intravenous administration of Bonviva1000
473Pseudoarthrosis treatment + price of the implant5000



48Rehabilitation- 1 day100
49Intravenous anesthesia (up to 15 minutes)200
50Intravenous anesthesia (longer than 15 minutes)300
51General intratracheal anesthesia500
52Anesthesia consultation50
53Internal medicine consultation, cardiac consultation50
54Nurse on duty100
55Day reception (up to 12 hours)50
56Accompanying person’s stay (food not provided) 50
57Hospitalization- 24 hours120

*all the prices are given in Euro

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